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Alan S.

Head Road Captain



Motorcycle Safety Foundation Guide To Group Riding

Road Captains

Road Captains and Sweep

Road captains organize a ride by going over the plan of the ride and safety information.

The main thing to remember about group riding is to be aware of what the road captain is doing and signaling. Every rider needs to be responsible for themselves. Still, the Road Captain will signal and ride in a way to keep the group safely en route to the next way-point.

The sweep is the rider in the back doing just what the name suggests -- sweeping up the ride. The sweep stays back behind all the riders.

If a rider has trouble, the sweep's job is to stop with the trouble and help figure out what to do. Riders leaving a group ride should give the sweep a "thumbs up" sign if all is OK. Sweeps and Road Captains will recognize a rider "tapping" their own helmet as a sign of trouble (anything from need Gas, mechanical problem, or anything that requires Road Captain / Sweep attention).

Riding in a group is a thrilling experience -- the rumble, the view of the bikes in your group and the unique feeling of riding as a group all make group riding an enjoyable way to ride.

Reference documents for Road Captains and Sweeps (have a copy of each of these documents on hand before a ride)

Leading rides and Ride planning slide decks

Recommendations for Obtaining Road Captain Rocker

  • Ride Leader and Road Captain Rocker Information (PDF file)  

  • Be a member in good standing of National H.O.G. and of the Eastside H.O.G. Chapter.

  • Possess a valid driver's license with motorcycle endorsement.

  • Inform the Head Road Captain, in writing (email preferred), of your desire to become an Eastside H.O.G. Road Captain.

  • Attend at least one Road Captain meeting.

  • Assist in successfully organizing, planning and leading at least two (2) chapter rides, and sweeping one (1) with an existing Road Captain.

  • Obtain a vote of confidence from those existing Road Captains involved in the above listed preparatory assignments.

  • Acknowledgement of the Chapter Primary Officers.

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